Last Blog


I have really enjoyed blogging lately. It keeps me busy and it is better than going a whole bunch of writing and work. I really liked blogging because it is somewhere where you can let your thoughts flow onto the computer. It is also a place where you can express your opinion. Sometimes it was hard to think of a school appropriate topic because these days teens have really messed up minds. And I am a teen so therefore I have a messed up mind. I leaned that you can learn almost anything from a computer and you can spread that learning with everyone else. I also learned that the internet is a really big part of learning in schools these days. Blogging can be used in other classes such as ELA for writing assignments and essays. Online learning is definitely the fun way to learn and I really don’t think there is anyway to improve it until we get older then there will be something that needs improved but for now there isn’t so lets enjoy it.



My Favourite Types of Dogs


My favorite types of dogs are Kelpies, Blue Healers, and Mini Aussies. I mostly like them because of there characteristics but i also like them because they are all basically working dogs. I had a dog a couple of years ago she pasted away but her name was freckles. She was really pretty with a blue/grey body and a freckled face. And she was my favorite dog in the world. So now I want you to tell me what your favorite dog is?

baby blue heeler mini ausssie puppykelpie puppie



Photography is really interesting to me. I love taking pictures of my animals (especially my horses). I also love taking pictures of sunsets, sunrises, trees, and frost on trees in the winter. So basically I love taking pictures of nature. I love taking pictures. I would love to become a professional someday or it can just become a hobby for me. I have a camera of my own but I haven’t quite figured out how to work it yet so for now I will just use my i-Phone. Even though it is an i-Phone it still has a very good quality camera. So now you know one of my hobbies I have many more that I will tell you another. Go here for tips on photography.

Saskatchewan Sunrisehorsesinsunset

Sign Language


Sign language is really cool. The people that do it are spectacular and how the remember all the signs is amazing. In the future I hope to learn everything about sign language and be able to sign fluently. I would really like to meet someone that can teach me how to sign, but recently I downloaded an app that teach’s the basics about sign language.
This is the american sign language alphabet.

These are just  some thing you could say to your parents or just practice.

How I Learn


I have always been a productive learner. I like to learn verbally. You can also learn visually, musically/auditory, physically, combination, solitary, social, and logical/mathematically. Some of these might not make sense to you and some don’t make sense to me either. I think that technology is a big part of learning. It is accessible to. It is easy to use and you can find almost anything you want to know on the internet.

About Me


My name is Jenna. I love horses and every other animal on the planet but horses would have to be on the top of the list. I have never been any where outside of Saskatchewan other than Manitoba. One day I would like to travel the world and see different places. My favorite subject is math and then probably p.e.. My favorite sport is Basketball. I live on a farm. I am i 4-H (horse and Beef). Don’t forget to ask questions below.